Maintaining your commercial kitchens and catering premises

If you are running a commercial kitchen or your business relies heavily on catering

equipment and associated maintenance, G Sanderson Domestic & Commercial

can support you.

Our close knit team of plumbing and heating engineers has many years of experience working

in commercial kitchen environments and ensuring that restaurant businesses, hotels, culinary

workspaces and canteens hosted by a range of different organisations are fully serviced, properly

maintained and compliant with the latest certification. That allows you to get on with the day to day

running of the business.


From full kitchen design, layout and equipment installation to the servicing or repair of catering hardware

and gas and electrical appliances, you can rely on our expertise. We undertake major commercial kitchen

projects including equipment replacement, catering canopies, fans, interlocking systems, gas valves and

speed controls. We can also install and alter gas lines for catering equipment.


And if your business is in the mobile catering sector, we can service and maintain your equipment

on the road too.

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