Powerflush your Central Heating System

Over time your central heating system can get a build-up of scale, sludge and other debris in the system. A build-up in your system will make your boiler work harder which will increase your energy bills and the risk of having a boiler breakdown or leak.


Powerflushing improves the performance of your central heating system by flushing out any unwanted scale, sludge or other debris causing blockages. To perform a Powerflush we attach a pump to the system which flushes each part of the system to ensure a clear flow throughout the central heating system. Here are the benefits to Powerflushing your system:


  • Improve boiler efficiency which will reduce energy bills
  • Lower the risk of leaks and boiler breakdown
  • Remove or prevent blockages in pipes and radiators
  • Eradicate radiator cold spots
  • Reduce noise coming from your boiler


If you believe that your central heating system maybe in need of a Powerflush, give us a call on 01253 280078 or email info@gsanderson.co.uk to get a free no obligation quotation.